Important Information about New Medicare Card Scams

Here is some important information from UnitedHeathcare to help protect yourself from scams involving the new Medicare cards being issued to recipients:

What consumers should know
• Neither CMS nor your Medicare supplement provider would ever ask consumers or members for personal or private information to get the new Medicare number. If members receive a phone call about their new Medicare card, they should not provide any information.
• Consumers do not need to supply CMS with information to get a new Medicare card. They will not receive calls or mailings from CMS asking for information. Consumers should not supply anyone with personal information regarding the new Medicare card.
• The new Medicare card does not cost anything. Consumers should not provide personal information including bank account numbers or Medicare numbers in regard to the new Medicare card.
• Consumers do not need to purchase a temporary Medicare card. Consumers’ current Medicare cards are valid and should not be destroyed until they receive the new Medicare card in the mail from CMS. Medicare card replacements are being mailed between April 2018 and April 2019.

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