Signing up for an online Medicare account, previously called a MyMedicare account, can help you manage your Medicare information electronically.

An online account is a great resource for getting personalized information about your Medicare coverage, claims and costs. You can pay your premiums online, personalize your drug and pharmacy list to help when comparing your Part D options during open enrollment, review your Medicare claims as soon as they are processed, and do other things more quickly and without paper.

4 steps to getting your own online Medicare account

1. Start by going to the Create an account page at Type in your Medicare number and your Part A or Part B start date, which you can find on your Medicare card.

If you don’t have a Medicare card yet, you can get your Medicare number by logging in to your online Social Security account. Return to the Medicare page to fill in the form. Then click Next.

2. Type in your last name, birth date, zip code and email address — or click the box if you don’t have an email address. Check boxes agreeing that the information is correct and abiding by the terms and conditions and click Next.

3. Create a username and password. The guidelines for creating a username and password are in the column to the right. Also set up a secret question and answer to secure the account. Then click Create Account.

4. Go to Medicare.govSign in to your online Medicare account by clicking Log in at the top right of your screen. You’ll be taken to the log-in page. And you can bookmark the page to go directly there in the future.

Can I review Medicare claims faster with an online account?

Yes, if you’ve chosen original Medicare, you can review your Medicare claims for Parts A and B in your online account within 24 hours of their being processed without waiting for your quarterly Medicare summary notice. Being able to review your claims quickly can help you spot errors or potential fraud.

Search claims by date range, claim type or claim number. You’ll see the service date, provider and type of each claim, the Medicare-approved amount, what Medicare paid, and what you may be billed. The amount you may be billed may then be covered through a Medigap, retiree or other supplemental plan.

Eliminate extra paper. You can look at your Medicare summary notice, which includes a separate claims report for your Part A hospitalization and Part B doctor’s and outpatient services claims from the past three months. You can opt out of the mailed version, sign up to get electronic Medicare summary notices (eMSNs) and receive email every month you use Medicare services.

How do I pay my Medicare premiums online?

If you’re receiving Social Security benefits, your Medicare Part B premiums are automatically deducted from your monthly payments.

If you haven’t signed up for Social Security retirement benefits yet or don’t qualify, you can arrange to take automatic payments for your Medicare premiums directly from your bank account, either through Medicare’s Easy Pay program or from your bank. If you need more control yet still want to pay electronically, the fastest way is through your online Medicare account. You can pay every month using your checking account, credit card, debit card or savings account.

To pay online, log in to your Medicare account and select My premiums from the drop-down menu under your name, then Pay now. Choose your payment method and the amount you want to pay. You’ll be linked to the U.S. Treasury’s site to complete your transaction.

Use your online Medicare account to pay the premium, Medicare officials say. Don’t use a log-in to make your Medicare payment.

You’ll get a confirmation number for your payment. Your checking or savings account payment will take about five business days to process, but credit card payments are completed more quickly.

How can my online account help during open enrollment?

Saving a list of pharmacies and names and doses of prescriptions you use regularly can give you a head start when comparing the Part D drug plans in your area. Open enrollment, when you can switch plans for any reason, is Oct. 15 to Dec. 7 each year, with coverage starting Jan. 1.

When you log in to your online Medicare account, you can click on Confirm Your Drug List | Add Recently Filled Drugs to see a list of the prescriptions you filled in the past 12 months. You can select the ones you continue to take to add to your drug list. That way the list won’t include prescriptions you filled only once, such as those for antibiotics.

Log in to your Medicare account when you go to the Medicare Plan Finder. You’ll see a summary of your current Part D coverage, and you can use your saved drugs and pharmacies to compare plans. You’ll be able to see the total costs of each plan in your area based on premiums, deductibles, and copayments or coinsurance for your specific medications and pharmacies. You also can type the drugs and pharmacies into the Plan Finder if you don’t have an online Medicare account.

Comparing your Part D options every year is a good idea, even if you’re happy with your current plan. Plans can change their costs and coverage every year, and your prescriptions can change too. Using the drug list from your online Medicare account helps you personalize your search for a plan.

What else can an online Medicare account help me do?

Setting up an online Medicare account gives you access to a lot of information and resources about your Medicare coverage and claims. In addition to paying premiums and keeping track of your medications, you’ll be able to:

  • Find out about your preventive benefits. You can track the preventive services you’ve used and get a list of Medicare-covered tests and screenings you’re eligible for in original Medicare.
  • Get a copy of your annual Medicare & You handbook. You can go into your online Medicare account | My account settings | Edit my communication preferences and sign up to receive the Medicare & You handbook electronically instead of in the mail.
  • Print replacement Medicare cards. You can log in to your online Medicare account to print a copy of your official Medicare card.

Keep in mind

  • This applies to original Medicare. Some services, such as online claims information, are available only for people who have original Medicare. If you have coverage through a private Medicare Advantage plan, you may be able to sign up with your plan to receive your Explanation of Benefits notices and review your claims online.
  • Part D is separate. You also cannot review your Part D prescription plan claims in your Medicare account because you buy it through a private insurer. You may be able to sign up with your plan to receive your Explanation of Benefits notices and review your claims online.